Since 1984 Solar Impianti has designed, manufactured and installed “turnkey” ovens, industrial dryers and plants for the production, finishing and heat treatment of various materials and products using gas, electric and infra-red heating systems.
Solar ImpiantiWe pride ourselves on our flexibility and seek to satisfy all of our customers’ needs regardless of production size and application.
When we design industrial oven, we apply our commitment to innovation, our understanding of consumer needs and our relationships with suppliers to deliver solutions for the heat treatment of your products.

Our innovative designs and process controls archieve production requirements using less energy, which in turn allows for smaller enviromental impact and lower operating cost for clients.
With this same objective in mind, every day we develop sustainable projects and solutions for our customers as well as for the enviroment.
Solar Impianti’s staff can help you turn your concepts into production solutions.
We offer you performing, tested, and advanced industrial ovens and dryers.
The commitment by Solar Impianti is aimed at ensuring a high level of overall performance.
For this reason the company commits resources to continually update methods, knowledge and equipment in relation to the changing needs of the market.


Solar Impianti has acquired a great experience in the field of roller kilns and dryers and complete systems for the ceramic industry.
We have installed many plants worldwide and applied our knowledge in other fields of application extended and diversified our products range, by designing cutting edge machines for the following sectors:

Investment casting: furnace for firing and pre-heating of moulds in lost wax process
Heat treatment of metals and other materials
Enamelling and coating: firing and drying glaze and coatings
Ceramic and Stone: the whole range of ceramic materials
Food: concentration boilers

To keep us updated


The furnaces for Investment Casting foundries are Solar Impianti’s Core Business.
To constantly keep updated on techniques:
– We are registered with the major trade associations ICI (USA) EICF (Europe) ISIC;
– We participate annually in global industry conferences, events and industry expos;
– We are partners with many leading foundries for whom we develop, in synergy with other suppliers in the industry, custom solutions.

As a result of our dynamic and enterprising technicians and engineers, as well as specialised teams of local collaborators, we support and assist foundries worldwide.