Solar Impianti’s staff can help you turn your concepts into production solutions.
We offer you performing, tested, and advanced industrial ovens and dryers.

Solar Impianti researches solutions, on demand, solving client’s specific problems.
Every project from development through to start-up of production is managed in total collaboration with the client.

Our staff are able to:

–         Design plans in all its stages,

–         Perform testing in our factory,

–         Produce machining and pre-assembly of components.

–         Make assembly and start-up of installations in Italy and abroad.

–         Ensure a ready and efficient assistance and rapid after-sales service.

To investigate the proprieties of infrared radiant burners, Solar Impianti invites you to submit and perform your treatment tests on our proving line in our Maranello factory.

From our experience we are able to propose several heating system options, the most suitable of which is dependent on the client’s needs.

Solar Impianti Since 1984 Solar Impianti has designed, manufactured and installed “turnkey” ovens, industrial dryers and process plants for the production, finishing and heat treatment of various materials and products using different kind of heating systems:

– Gas burners, radiant tube, recuperative burners,

– Resistance and many different radiant electrical solutions,

– Gas Infrared burners, working with radiation.