6 April 2018 sandro
Food And Vinegar

Cooking, Grilling & Dehydrating

Solar Impianti produces its own modular tunnel ovens and innovative gas-powered infra-red radiant burners for cooking, grilling and dehydrating a whole range of food products.



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While working in other fields where infra-red radiation heating is now commonplace we have noticed how much the technology has developed respect traditional hot air methods, in terms of:

  •  Process speed,

  • Running costs,

  • Polluting reduction.

Solar Impianti has been in business for over 35 years and devised hundred of applications. We continue to create solutions tailored to individual needs, tackling problems as yet unresolved on the market.
We welcome all your questions and are happy to give our advice on how to improve and resolve cooking, drying or heat treatment of your products.

To see for yourself the great potential of Solar Impianti infrared radiant burners we invite you to perform your test of treatment on the line in our factory.

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