6 April 2018 sandro
Food And Vinegar


Solar Impianti has developed hundreds of applications in Italy and overseas and is highly skilled in the creation of automatic systems for the concentration of must and associated liquids that make up BALSAMIC and other types of VINEGAR, SABA and VIN COTTO, JAM, COOKED MUST and DRESSING.



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Traditional balsamic vinegar has been prized over the centuries and should therefore be treated with utmost respect.

We combine age-old methods with modern technology to create direct-fire gas-powered boilers for cooking grape must and associated products in quantities ranging from 200 to 2000 litres, meeting the needs of individuals and large vinegar factories or wine cooperatives.

Solar Impianti’s products have been used for years now by many leading vinegar factories and producers and must concentration companies on the market, with whom we work to develop plants tailored to specific needs.

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