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Enamelling, Coating And Polymerising

Firing Enamels

For firing glaze, Solar Impianti has redeveloped the consolidated technology of roller kilns for ceramics according to the specific needs of the sector, extolling all the benefits of modular structure and process management and yield.



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To exalt the functional, chemical-physical and aesthetic properties of porcelain enamel, we have reworked the delicate firing process in terms of the source of heat, which can be gas (radiation using radiant tubes or muffled radiant walls) or electric elements.

Inside firing enamel oven a neutral atmosphere is required, as an alternative to electric or gas kilns with radiant tubes, which have higher management and construction costs, Solar Impianti can adopted a gas combustion system with air burners. The result is duo to a special refractory material with high radiant yield (muffle), placed between the neutral atmosphere firing chamber and the combustion chamber.

We have expertise in the use of enamel for protecting metal surface like ferrous materials (steel and cast iron) but also aluminium, copper and stainless steel for applications in the fields of:
– Building and urban furniture (facades, signs and artwork)
– Home-domestic (pots and pans, electrical appliances, sanitary facilities)
– Technical (tubes, heat exchangers and special applications).

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