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Ceramic And Stone

Roller & Belt type

Solar Impianti is at the forefront in the production of quick horizontal roller and belt dryers, and chamber ones, meeting all needs in terms of production, size and type of mix.



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The modular roller and belt-driven dryers, with modern combustion and monitoring systems, can dry any type of product in the best possible manner as the heat and hygrometry of each section can be perfectly adjusted as required.

For heating:
– Burners powered by natural gas, LPG or other light oils (gas oil, kerosene).
– Various types of electric heating elements.
– Hot air from gases in the kilns.

Our dryers include:

–         Quick roller and belt-driven dryers for tiles, trim pieces, articles, single firing and porcelain tiles;

–         Chamber dryers for pots, kitchenware, extruded materials and trim pieces;

–         Dryers for glazing and third-firing lines;

–         Dryers for tile, marble and granite cutting and polishing lines;

–         Dryers for soluble salt fixing lines.

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