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Ceramic And Stone


Solar Impianti’s broad range of FRS roller kilns worldwide has been designed prioritizing low energy consumption, the environment and safety, responding to modern needs for firing ceramics.



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The kilns are made up of modular components without foundation, and the rollers use variable pitch gears that differ according to the formats produced.

The kiln is insulated with a light refractory lining and ceramic fibre and can operate at temperatures of up to and above 1350°C.

The kiln is tailored to individual needs and guarantees uniform heat distribution as well as accurate inspection and repeatability of the firing processes.

Monitoring, inspection, temperature logs, recipes, alarms and other settings are controlled using a PC or PLC with simple customized Solar software; the system also has an online assistance program.

The kiln is heated using:

–         Burners powered by natural gas, LPG or other light oils (gas oil, kerosene) for reducing and oxidizing atmospheres

–         Various types of electric heating elements.

The firing processes can be adjusted in all manner of ways. The kiln is therefore extremely flexible, consumes minimal amounts of energy and can produce a whole range of products such as:

  • Trim pieces

  • Third firing tiles

  • Double firing tiles

  • Single firing tiles

  • Porcelain stoneware tiles

  • Extruded tiles

  • Tableware & potteries

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