6 April 2018 sandro
Ceramic And Stone


We are well-versed in the production of dryers and kilns and therefore also in the development of gas and electric dryers and kilns for laboratories able to recreate the exact same conditions as industrial plants.



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A good example is the FRS 3.5/420/1250°C gas-powered roller kiln for laboratories, which can now be found at most ceramic painting factories in Italy and overseas and at many leading ceramic factories around the world.
The kiln is suited to all ceramics and triple-firing, double-firing and single-firing of white/red and porcelain tiles within a temperature range of 800 to 1250°C, and between 20 and 90 minutes.

Solar Impianti’s laboratory kilns are made with the same components used for our industrial kilns (components, motorization, combustion, etc.). This ensures optimal test results and greater durability of the plant.

Our laboratory kilns ensure precise monitoring of the ceramic production phase and are the perfect tools for the research and development of new products at mix laboratories and ceramic colour factories.

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