6 April 2018 sandro
Ceramic And Stone

with Infrared Gas Burners

Solar Impianti offers modular dryers with innovative infra-red radiant burners (made in-house) for drying large amounts of products in limited periods of time and using compact plants.

Science has taught us how water and solvents are best able to absorb IRM energy – this allows our radiant gas-powered plates to heat up and dry much more quickly as well as ensure much lower running costs than other heating technology.



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The ovens’ sources of heat are a variety of radiant burners. A surface flame on the porous panel made with special metal alloy fibres is more or less visible and can be easily adjusted according to power requirements.

These ovens and dryer are in high demand due to their versatility in terms of application:

–         Cutting, squaring and smoothing line roller dryers

–         Enamelling line dryers

–         Dryers for the application of soluble salts

–         Pre-heating and heat treatments in general

–         Drying of wet-applied coatings

–         Quick drying

…and materials processed:

–         Ceramic, tiles, brick;

–      Marble, granite, stone;

–      Glass

To see for yourself the great potential of Solar Impianti gas IR heater we invite you to perform your test of treatment on the line in our factory.

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