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Foundry And Investment Casting

Firing & Pre-Heating Shells

The fixed hearth chamber furnaces for final de-waxing, firing and pre-heating ceramic moulds are intended, in particular, for instances of medium small scale micro-casting (also for big moulds) and batch production.



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The ovens are tailored to the customer’s needs in terms of properties and size and are designed for easy and safety moulds placing in the chamber.

The furnace is insulated with a light refractory lining and ceramic fibre modules, and can operate at temperatures of up to and above 1200°C.

The monitoring system allows you to configure temperature steps and determine a temperature-time pattern.

The furnace can be heated using:

  • Natural gas or LPG burners

  • Electric heating elements

Solar Impianti has now had over three decades’ experience in the design and creation of tunnel and chamber furnaces for pre-heating moulds during lost wax or thermoplastic resin casting processes.

Our customers include leading European and international companies in the fields of industry, aeronautics and energy, even orthopaedics and art.

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