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Solar Impianti has developed a range of gas and electric rotary furnaces, specifically designed for pre-heating ceramic moulds for investment casting.
The rotary furnaces combine the production advantages of continuous furnaces with the flexibility and handling of the chamber furnaces.






The general demand for continuously complicated moulds, with ceramic core inclusion and with increasing size makes foundry work increasingly more difficult.

Often, therefore, not only in application sectors such as aerospace and energy, but also in industry and mechanics it is necessary to process these costly moulds in a 2 step firing process:

– The first for the Burnout-Prefire in general in extractable bogie hearth furnaces;

– Followed by a thorough inspection, cleaning and preparation of the clusters;

– Lastly a secondfiring to Preheat  in a rotary hearth furnace before casting, often in a vacuum melting furnace.

The main advantages in using preheating rotary hearth furnaces are:

  • Thermal uniformity over the entire size

  • Furnaces capable of working continuously on a 24 hour basis for over 6 months

  • The option of simultaneously processing different sized moulds with different preheating times

  • Simple and safe handling since the moulds are always available at the front of the door

  • Use of manipulators and robots in the event of medium-large sized moulds

  • Adoption of supervisory systems capable of making the processes – through which each mould passes – traceable and interacting, if required, with corporate management system.

Since the furnaces generally work continuously at around 1200°C on a 24-hour basis, energy efficiency is a particularly important aspect of the operation.

Proper design in terms of insulation, combustion and draft system, can allow substantial cost savings.

Thus the adoption of recovery systems, heat exchangers, or recuperative burners  can maximise the result; Solar Impianti can assist you in your choice of solution, even calculating your ROI (Return on Investment) for the project.

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