4 April 2018 sandro
Foundry And Investment Casting

Firing & Pre-Heating Shells

Solar Impianti’s continuous tunnel furnaces for final de-waxing, firing and preheating ceramic moulds for investment casting are made using modules that do not require a foundation. As a result, the plants can be of any required length and width.






The oven is insulated with a light refractory lining and ceramic fibre modules, and can operate at temperatures of up to and above 1250°C.It is possible to set the required temperature of various self-regulated areas and thereby determine the heating and cooling processes.


Depending on the situation, products can be fed into the furnaces as follows:

  • On plates made of refractory steel (hydraulic pusher)

  • carico su carri spinti l’un con l’altro tramite spintore

  • On plates made of refractory steel and supported by motorized ceramic rollers.

Shell moulds can be heated using:

  • Natural gas or LPG burners

  • Electric heating elements

As well as minimizing consumption and running costs, we constantly field our expertise and research to optimize the combustion of residual wax at the front and maintain a clean atmosphere in the tunnel.

Solar Impianti has now had over three decades’ experience in the design and creation of tunnel and chamber furnaces for pre-heating moulds during lost wax or thermoplastic resin casting processes. Our customers include leading European & International companies in the fields of industry, aeronautics and energy, even orthopedics and art.

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