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Heat treatment


Solar Impianti is well-versed in the production of roller-kilns for ceramics and in the field of heat treatment. The technology can be used, for example, to anneal bars, tubes, ceramic fibre insulation and other materials in general.




For all thermal processes where a neutral atmosphere is required, as an alternative to electric or gas kilns with radiant tubes, which have high management and construction costs, Solar Impianti has adopted a gas combustion system with air burners. The result is duo to a special refractory material with high radiant yield (muffle), placed between the neutral atmosphere firing chamber and the combustion chamber.

These furnaces are, like all our plants, developed according to the type of material to be processed, the production concerned and cycle times and temperatures.

The furnaces have precise set heating and cooling patterns which can be easily adjusted, and ensure minimal energy consumption.

The roller-furnaces are perfect for the many production lines involving continuous operation and more than one treatment, such as pre-heating, several types of tempering and drying, thanks in part to its broad operating temperature (150 – 1200°C).

Continuous ovens offer several key benefits over that only do single batches:
– High yield due to lack of dead time
– More user-friendly and much safer
– Minimal consumption and running costs (less heat dispersion)
– Consistently high results

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